Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 41

Gracie was once again instructed to approach the X17 Deluxe Yoga mat reverently and then to sit on the mat in the Vajra or Diamond Pose. Simhasana Maharaja then began the instructions. “You must sit on your feet with your ankles turned out, right big toe overlapping the left big toe. Remember what you were told about that before? It keeps stampeding Camels away who get lost and think they are still in the Pink Desert”, he said. But Gracie distrinctly remembered being told that it would keep away rogue elephants. She didn’t like to correct him and so just went along with this other amusing tid bit of information. Somewhere in the back of Gracie’s vivid imagination, she saw thousands of pink camels coming to a screeching halt and stirring up an immense tornado of dust, simply because her right big toe was now overlapping her left. “And now, Gracie, you inhale, as you would to open for the Rabbit Pose, opening your arms outward very wide, then as you exhale, bringing them overhead to touch the bottom of your joined palms on the Thousand Petaled Lotus point on the top of the head, continuing with palms together, joined finger points to your forehead, then palms in pronam to your chest and onward, opening them up so that your hands can come to rest with each palm open on top of the knees. You inhale again, leaving the hands in place, but as you exhale, you aggressively stick out your tongue stretching it downward to touch the chin, while rolling your eyes upward to look at the peak of your forehead, all the while making very dangerously attacking lion claws out of your fingers as you stiffen your arms and project your chest forward as if to leap. When you need to take a breath, simply relax and and sit very softly in the Vajra/Diamond Pose. The secret of this pose, young one, is that your roar can make the trees quiver, the very clouds blow and you can create wind, very powerful wind strong enough to overcome any opposing force. On a more personal level, it will help keep you well by always keeping your throat clear of infection, and it helps relieve excess anger and grief. Comes in great when you just need to let off steam my dear child. Now, go ahead and try it yourself so I can make any corrections, then I must bid you adieu and be off.” Gracie mustered it up, gave off a very impressive roar, which certainly made the pink trees outside her house shake quite a bit and recieved flying colors from both of her new Divine Pink teachers before they all had pink tea and pink tea cakes and before the two of them left together, getting their plump bodies stuck in the door frame and necessitating a roar, once again, from Simha Maharaja to shake themselves loose. She could hear them roaring with laughter as they disappeared into thin air leaving her and Musika alone in the now very quiet little pink cottage on the X17 Deluxe Yoga Mat.

To be continued . . . !

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