Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 45

Gracie followed Musika’s well received advice. She did exactly as this tiny pink guru told her to do. She performed the Rabbit Pose perfectly, put on the costume, then kissed the top of each ballet shoe with Pink Bling lipstick and then found her way out to the other dancers who looked at her and acted as if she was the real Prima Ballerina. Terrified, Gracie took a deep breath, placed her palms together in Prayer Position at the center of her chest and called upon the Divine Ones that she knew would not let her down. In a flash, she could see in her mind exactly what she had to do on stage. She heard the cue and when the time was right, entered the stage and danced like an angel, as if she had performed Giselle her whole short life. Her feet and arms just knew where to go. In the audience, however, her mother who had been wondering what happened to Gracie and was getting ready to go to the security guards, looked up and saw that it was her own Gracie performing like a princess. Gracie had ballet lessons when she was younger and her mother remembered that she has learned a part of Giselle, but this was truly an amazing event. Was this Gracie’s surprise? Had she wanted to surprise her mother with the performance? Well, one thing was certain, she certainly had done all of the above. The performance went off without a hitch, a glitch or a switch. It was truly, “Pink”, as Lord Ganesha would say. At one point, Gracie managed a quick look out into the audience, and there, floating in mid air on a huge gold pillow, was Lord Ganesha himself, next to Samsanga Raja sitting on his own floating green grass pillow. Musika was happily jumping back and forth from one their heads to the other in complete glee.

When the performance was over, and all of the dancers were brought back out onto the stage for a final bow, Gracie was presented with a bouquet of a dozen pink roses. Naturally! And, naturally, it was Musika who cropped his tiny pink head up and out of the flowers to personally congratulate Gracie. She bowed and blew kisses out onto the audience and of course to the, unseen by others, big pink Divine Friends who had come to watch her and who blew kisses, unseen by others, back to her from their big pink fluffy paws and claws. She thought of her mother and she thought of her father, and she thought of her friend Das, who she knew somehow, caused all of this all happen. Somewhere though, in the back of her mind she wondered where was and what happened to the real Prima Ballerina or her understudy, but she suspected that wherever they were, they were Perfectly Pink! What flashed into Gracie’s mind was, how to explain the whole event to her mother and to sound believable. Gracie so wanted to tell her mother about Yoga*Land and all of her magical adventures, but she feared that this may not be the time to do that. Her mother would be having to leave for a couple of days to travel the government branch that dealt with those individuals who were still missing in action. Gracie just decided then and there that she would keep this one secret from her mother since it wasn’t unhealthy, illegal or causing either herself, her family or anyone else any harm. She would know the right time and under what circumstances in which to share her amazing adventures in Yoga*Land. And, she was sure that her Divine Friends, so much more knowledgeable than she, would guide her. She was sure of one thing, and that was that Das, who she considered a very kindred spirit, would definitely be able to guide her on this very Pink problem. 

To be continued . . . !

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