Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 46

Back in the dressing room, while Gracie changed back into her street clothes, a small glossy program guide was slid under the door. It was the program for the evening’s performance. Gracie had to rub her eyes twice to believe what she saw, for there right on glossy front cover was the title of the ballet, Giselle,in pink letters and then the words, Featuring Prima Ballerina Gracie Grey. She would keep this program forever. By some mystical force, she had realized a life long dream. For one whole performance, she WAS the “en pointe” ballerina that she had always dreamed she would be and in her favorite ballet. She emerged from the dressing room with her pink bouquet, the program and musika still inside the flowers, only now he was asleep. She could see his big belly and realized that he must have found some great morsel of food to eat and now was fast asleep with a full tummy, as mice are known to do. Her mother was waiting for her in the theatre by the exit door and they both hugged and cried in rapture and exiting arm in arm laughing and sharing all there was to share after such a Pink event; the surprise, and how did Gracie keep such a big secret and where did she study the ballet and so on until they passed the ice cream parlor, which was till open and which they could not pass up. They celebrated with Pink sherbet floats. And, for some odd reason, Gracie was not surprised. After all, the person behind the counter who waited on them was dressed in pink and Gracie couldn’t help but notice a tiny bit of pink glitter on her shoulder.

In her bedroom that night, so many thoughts swirled through her mind that it was very difficult to get to sleep. Tomorrow she would have to settle down to writing the report on Amelia Earhart which was due far too soon for Gracie’s liking. Fortunately, since she collected all kinds of information about Amelia Earhart, and knew quite alot about her, so, like Titanic, she would really only have to look up any new research information. And, she really enjoyed this subject. Being a girl with many interests and having a father who was a pilot in the military, she got to fly quite a bit when her father used to take her for plane rides in their former home. She loved the feeling of when gravity tugged at her stomach when the plane airlifted off the tarmac and soaring above the clouds, which for Gracie always held wonder and told their own stories. Her father like to perform aerial tricks too, and Gracie loved that even though her mother frown a bit thinking it could be a bit too much for her. Gracie was the kind of girl that could be upside down and still things clearly. She never got dizzy, was never afraid of heights, the dark or the unknown. She was, in this regard, a true adventurer. How else could she be experiencing all of these incredible adventures which may completely overwhelm any other ordinary girl. This was, perhaps, what Lord Ganesha meant when he told her that she was chosen because she dared to see things of an ordinary nature in an ordinary way and to live an extraordinary life. These were the kinds of thoughts that went through Gracie’s mind as she drifted off to sleep.

To be continued . . . !

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