Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 51

Needless to say, this was not an ordinary school day. This was a day that all of the students in her class felt as if they had ants in their pants because they were in wild anticipation of the class field trip. Gracie not only felt like she had ants in her pants that made her want to jump out of her seat with excitement, but she also had a mouse in her pocket or backpack or purse or wherever the little creature turned up. The roll call was taken, the check list was gone over. The safety precautions were reviewed and then the bus pulled up to take them to the airfield. The picnic boxes were loaded onto the bus and twenty-five students including Gracie and one unknown, unseen mouse boarded and took their seats. The trip out to the field was pleasant enough. Gracie’s teacher stood at the front of the bus and pointed out other points of interest along the way. Occasionally, a plane flew overheard that had taken off from the not to far off airfield. Gracie loved the sound of plane flying overhead regardless of it’s size. She remembered vividly the sights and sounds and smells of the airplane hangars and looked very much forward to this visit. She sat back and relaxed into her seat and day dreamed about her father, drifting into that kind of twilight where one half sleeps, dreams and yet is just slightly aware of ones surroundings. She dreamed about Amelia Earhart and that was pretty vivid as well. At one point she dreamed that she and Amelia Earhart and her father were flying together on a secret mission but that came to a halt when the bus hit a construction bump in the road. In only a few more minutes they were at the airfield and the bus driver was stopped at the gate showing the pass that would allow the entire bus and students onto the airfield and specifically to the historic museum. Gracie now sat upright. She had some short conversations with those students who hadn’t chosen to be on their mobile phones or listening to their MP3 players. Thanks to technology, the bus ride was a quiet one. 

To be continued . . . !

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