Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Last Episode – 59

Sufficiently recovered from his collision with a flying paint can, Edward Grey carefully sat up, hugged and kissed Gracie again and then with the help of Lord Hanuman, who was no stranger to him, got up and steady on his feet. He made his way to Mrs. Grey still passed out on the floor. He, at least, had the advantage of knowing what and who these extraordinary beings were. He knelt down by his wife and gently lifted her into his arms, speaking to her very softly and calmly. “My darling, do be afraid. It is, I, Edward. What you are seeing may seem very strange to you, but I assure you it is real and wonderful. All of these Divine Beings are my friends who saved me when I slipped through a time portal years ago in the war, my memory lost. They provided me with safety so that I could be near my family home, near you and Gracie, while all of the cercumstances surrounding my identity and that of the man thought to be me could play out perfectly, as it has done.”

Gracie’s mother looked up into her husbands eyes and tearfully said that she had just returned from Washington from a meeting about family members long missing in action. She explained that since he had been missing for almost seven years, she could decide to have him declared dead in order to collect an insurance benefit, but that she could not bring herself to do such a thing. That she believed him alive and would keep hope alive. Her eyes glanced around the room at the huge Pink Divine Beings. “I don’t understand who all of you are, but I am so grateful. You have been watching over my husband and daughter all of this time in a way that I don’t fully understand. Thank you so very much.” she said, most gratefully. She went on to explain to Gracie and her father, “They told me in Washington that they had found a man whom they thought to be you because he was wearing your dog-tags and another set of dog-tags. He had amnesia, but they were able to help him and when he came to, he explained that there had been a blast in the encampment sending many of the men flying. He explained that you and he were close to one another at the time and that when the blast came, you simply disappeared into thin air, leaving nothing but your dog-tags behind, which he grabbed before loosing consciousness. They never knew his actual identity, as he was in a hospital overseas, and only just in the past few weeks returned to our people. He is now returned to his family and by some strange sting of events, and the help of these Divine Beings, whose existence I can’t quite comprehend, you are now returned to us.” Gracie ran over to join her parents and the three of them hugged and hugged and hugged. This was a great time for the Pink Divine Beings to make their exit. It was also the perfect time for them to wipe out Gracie’s mother’s memory of at least this portion of the experience. Little Musika carefully crept around Gracie’s mother’s head, and blew some Pink Glitter on her. She momentarily closed her eyes to sneeze and after that, opened her eyes to see Edward and Gracie kneeling next to her. The rest of the room quite empty and quiet, AND PINK and really quite lovely.


Naturally, Gloria Grey wanted to know how she got onto the floor, how Edward could be there, especially after her trip to Washington, how the house got painted and redecorated and why Edward was dressed in a funny looking exotic outfit like something from the Arabian Nights, and many more questions. Suffice it to say that Gracie decided to tell her mother that she had secretly submitted the house to the Plainville Historical Society, for a contest for vntage house restoration. That they won and that she wanted it to be a surprise for when her mother came home. The Yoga Studio was left to Gracie by the Divine Beings and reopened as a Yoga and Dance School, (inssert name of school here) where Gracie could teach the two arts she most loved. Gracie went on to be a Guardian of the Portals of Yoga*Land: Where Everyting is Pink AND Perfect, and the rest of the happy ending is history. Let that be a lesson to YOU!

The End of the Story!

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Coming in 2014: Over  Cups of Tea: Marigolds and Memories of India.

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