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Expectations? Now one doesn't have to really detail out any when credentials involve Bhatts, Pritam and Sayeed Quadri. It is as simple as that; films come and go, music releases and disappears, actors keep changing but, and most importantly, music from Bhatt films continue to stay on. That's a reality courtesy which they boast of a soundtrack catalogue that is pretty much envious for many of their contemporaries.


Yet again, and something that one has become used to seeing in a Bhatt film, there is no female voice heard in Murder 3. Now this could possibly be the only movie making company that continues to break rules, doesn't even get tempted by item songs and still gets away with only male voices holding the fort. This is what one gets to evidence from the very first song 'Teri Jhuki Nazar'. A beautiful number by Shafqat Amanat Ali which pretty much follows the kind of template affair that Bhatt soundtracks here, this is a very well worded poetic love song by Sayeed Quadri that arrives in a couple of versions and gets you interested.

While 'Teri Jhuki Nazar' does well in being a warm up affair, the song that follows enhances the momentum with K.K. taking over the proceedings. Pritam has time and again extracted the best out of the singer and 'Mat Aazma Re' is no different as this well paced love song manages to stick its neck out and establish a definite place for itself in the album. The song doesn't just boast of a well layered 'mukhda'; it also comes on its own in the 'antara' portions. A good song that can be heard and hummed along regardless of the film's run and eventual stay in theatres.

The momentum continues to build with 'Jaata Hai Tujh Tak' turning out to be an upbeat number that boasts of unconventional, yet high impact lyrics by Quadri. A love song which has Western arrangements taking forward core Indian melody, it has Nikhil D'Souza making most of the platform provided to him. The youngster has been doing consistently well practically every time he comes behind the mike and 'Jaata Hai Tujh Tak' (also being heard in multiple versions) is no different, what with the song keeping a listener's interest alive right through its play.

Last to arrive is 'Hum Jee Lenge' which has been composed by the Roxen Band. To be fair to Pritam, while he has done quite well in each of the three songs heard in the album so far, 'Hum Jee Lenge' manages to create a very firm place for itself. Mustafa Zahid has always boasted of some superb rendition and control over the vocals, especially when the requirement of the song is to get the right kind of pathos for the situation. He does that yet again for this beautiful number that again stands out amidst the crowd due to some real good play of words that Quadri indulges in.


Murder 3 is a very good album and Randeep Hooda and team can really congratulate themselves for having such a soundtrack in place that has a lifetime much beyond the film's run. Pritam has been in an amazing form for many years now and he only continues to keep his flag high with Murder 3. While Sayeed Quadri too demonstrating yet again that it is quality over quantity that pays well time for him, a special number by Mustafa Zahid further seals the deal.


Hum Jee Lenge, Jaata Hai Tujh Tak, Teri Jhuki Nazar, Mat Aazma Re

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