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EXPECTATIONS There are good expectations from the music of Action Replayy. After all more often than not, music of Vipul Shah has been popular with the masses. Though London Dreams couldn’t find a wider audience, music of Namastey London, Waqt as well as Aankhen had worked with the audience. Even otherwise, his production Singh Is Kinng boasted of chartbuster music. With Pritam at the helm of affairs who pairs up with his lyricist partner Irshad Kamil all over again, you do expect a good soundtrack. However, you are not quite sure about the genre it would belong to. Whether the music would turn out to be out and out romantic or would it have a strong element of fun to it? Let’s find that out.

MUSIC What catches your attention even before you play on the album is the sheer number of songs that have been included in Action Replayy. Really, after the likes of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani or a Love Aaj Kal [incidentally both of them have Pritam as a composer], Action Replayy has to be the heaviest album around. There are as many as nine distinct songs with remixes of four of them. For an Akshay Kumar starrer, this has to be the biggest musical album ever since one can remember. First to arrive is ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ and call it incidental but the song indeed leaves a ‘zor ka jhatka’ from the very first note. This one is a thumping hit for sure, as evidenced in the manner it keeps a relentless pace right through its four minute duration. Indian in appeal and carrying a theme (evils of marriage) which is not hard to relate, ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ is a fun track that has Daler Mehndi pairing up with Richa Sharma. Both the singers thoroughly enjoy their stint behind the mike and this is visible in the energy that comes along. A sure shot chartbuster which has Master Salim singing for the ‘remix version’. However, it is the Daler Mehendi version you want to go back to. A complete mood shift is enabled with ‘O Bekhabar’ which has a distinct Yash Chopra feel to it. Swiss Alps and chiffon sareers aren’t difficult to be visualised in this romantic track where Shreya Ghoshal gives yet another good account of herself. This one belongs to the kind of Bollywood tracks that have never failed for decades. Pritam along with Irshad Kamil grasp the ‘pyaar mohabbat’ theme well and present a melodious song to the audience that they won’t mind listening on a repeat mode. If you have seen the promos of Action Replayy, you wouldn’t have missed listening to the sound of ‘Nakhre’. A fun celebration track that brings on a carnival affect, ‘Nakhre’ is a true blue retro track that has singer Francois Castellino getting the Elivs Presley mood recreated. While the intentions are noble here and the core tune right as well, it is the singing that makes one a tad dissatisfied. In an attempt to recreate the Elvis magic, the final result isn’t as desired that makes one feel that ‘Nakhre’ (which also appears in a ‘remix version’) could have been far better. However, the disappointment doesn’t stay on for long as Sunidhi Chauhan and Ritu Pathak come together for the ‘holi’ number ‘Chhan Ke Mohalla’. Really, this one turns out to be as instantly catchy as ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ and turns out to be yet another chartbuster knocking on the doors. With a Laxmikant Pyaarelal flavour to it, ‘Chhan Ke Mohalla’ reminds one of their 70s compositions and is instantly likeable. Also, there is an instant element of seduction to it, something which is expected from a ‘holi’ number, which further makes one listen to the ‘remix version’ with added anticipation. What comes next though is a song straight out of Pritam territory with ‘Tera Mera Pyaar’ turning out to be a song that would have been gladly picked up by Bhatts or Imtiaz Ali. A soothing love song with Karthik, Mahalakshmi and Antara Mitra doing quite well to get the lovey-dovey mood on, ‘Tera Mera Pyaar’ (also arriving later in the ‘remix version’) continues to add on to the different moods of Action Replayy. By this time around, one is sure that the soundtrack is a mix of love songs as well as fun numbers which leads one to check out what next is in store. This is the reason why one is not surprised when it is a fun dance number that comes in immediately. ‘Dhak Dhak Dhak’ has Mika going ballistic and after hearing it a couple of times, you too join all the fun. With a core Indian feel to it, ‘Dhak Dhak Dhak’ – a dance number – never really rests and maintains its tempo right from start till the end. Next to arrive is ‘Luk Chup Jaana’ which is yet another track that has the potential to make it into the charts. This one again requires just half a listening to realise that it has a Pritam stamp all over it. In fact one is surprised that this well orchestrated and arranged dance number sung by Tulsi Kumar and KK hadn’t arrived in the album a little earlier. It really deserved to and if promoted well, could be one of the highlight tracks in the film. Even with so much to offer, the platter doesn’t get empty with Pritam churning out yet another number – this time a rock track – ‘I Am Dog Gone Crazy’. Though the lyrics suggest an out and out whacky number, which is not really the case as singer Suraj Jagan keeps his vocals under control. Rather than turning out to be hardcore rock that leads to a restricted audience for itself, it stays within boundaries to auger well with the quintessential Bollywood followers as well. Shreya Ghoshal, the only singer in the album to enjoy two solo tracks for herself, returns with ‘Baki Main Bhool Gayi’. A love song that has a definite tempo to it and moves ahead with some racy beats, ‘Baki Main Bhool Gayi’ may not be the chosen one from the crowd. Still, as a part of the package in Action Replayy where there is no full moment, this last song in the album as well manages to make its own contribution.

OVERALL Action Replayy is a fun album and better than what had initially expected. In fact while it is ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ followed by ‘Nakhre’ and ‘O Bekhabar’ which are being currently promoted, there are quite a few other songs that deserve to find attention for themselves. With exactly a month to go for the release of the film, one would definitely want to see more of ‘Chhan Ke Mohalla’, ‘Luk Chup Jaana’ and ‘Tera Mera Pyaar’ at the least. An entertaining album that doesn’t have a single dull moment.

OUR PICK(S) Zor Ka Jhatka, Chhan Ke Mohalla, O Bekhabar, Luk Chup Jaana, Tera Mera Pyaar 

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