Music Review: Toonpur Ka Superrhero

EXPECTATIONS In Bollywood, one can’t remember when was the last time when a kiddie flick actually boasted of a good, chartbuster music. There is none that comes to mind. Due to that reason, one doesn’t carry many expectations from Toonpur Ka Superhero either. Moreover, the music here is composed by Anu Malik who hasn’t tasted much success off late in the times when a fresh bunch of composers have taken over the musical scene during last half a decade. One reluctantly plays on the album with hopes of one or two numbers that would be catchy enough to hold your attention to some extent at least.

MUSIC The beats that kick start the title song ‘Let’s Go To Toonpur’ are actually catchy enough to make you listen to the track carefully. Ok, so lyrics by Kumaar, despite trying to be funny, aren’t really arresting enough but the sound of ‘Tunak Tunak’ is good enough for the kids to relate to. The opening line of ‘Tussi Jaa Rahe Ho’ is cute as well which means that amongst the target audience, this fun number rendered by Mumzy, Veronica, H’Dhani and Anu Malik himself is not a bad start after all. No wonder, the makers too felt the same and hence included a ‘remix version’ of the song as well. The song that follows next is actually a better hear with something for all age groups. ‘Nach Mere Naal’ is a dance number written by Kumaar which has Master Salim, Mumzy, Alisha and a bunch of children coming behind the mike. Yet again, the song is no great shakes and does bring with it a sense of deja vu. Still, from an album where one didn’t have many expectations to begin with, even a conventional song like this is not a bad deal after all. Still, despite a ‘remix version’ following next, it doesn’t quite make you play it on loud in a repeat mode this celebration season. A song like ‘Jeetoge Tum’ comes out of nowhere which is actually a motivational track picturised on the lead protagonist (Ajay Devgn) who could possibly be a superhero one day. An outdated composition which is rendered by Roop Kumar Rathod along with Javed Ali and is written by Munna Dhiman, it has a sound of ‘Superhero Superhero’ playing in the background. Still, the song doesn’t manage to create a mood of euphoria and ends up being a totally dull piece. This is followed by ‘Rubdoot’ [shown as the son-in-law of ‘Yamdoot’]; a situational track where all would depend upon the way it comes on screen. More of a conversational song than the kind which is sung along, ‘Rubdoot’ (which is written by Munna Dhiman) has dialogues by Ajay Devgn with mimicry by Sudesh Bhonsle who imitates many Bollywood actors. There are some singing portions by Sonu Nigam and Altaf Raja as well and though at points the song does promise some fun moments, one waits for it to be actually seen on screen rather than just being heard. There is some interest that develops in the album with ‘Baliye’ which has rap portions by Hard Kaur kick starting the proceedings. Soon, Shaan, Alisha and Anu Malik join the proceedings as well for the song which is about a ‘journey to Toonpur’. A number which basically has some rhythmic beats helping it’s cause, ‘Baliye’ written by Munna Dhiman also just about manages to be passable and leaves one to wait for the eventual picturisation.

OVERALL Toonpur Ka Superherro is hardly the kind of album that makes one jump with excitement. In facts one starts wondering that how could Ajay Devgn, who is generally quite conscious about music in his films, actually clear this album given the fact that there isn’t any song that could be a potential chartbuster. All hopes now lie on how the songs appear on screen because a mix of Live and animation action could just about manage to help its cause.

OUR PICK(S) Let’s Go To Toonpur, Nach Mere Naal

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