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There aren't many expectations that one carries from the music of Chalk N Duster. The film is releasing on the coming Friday but there has been absolutely no awareness created on the soundtrack so far that has been put together by Sandesh Shandilya and Sonu Nigam with lyrics by Javed Akhtar.


It is a philosophical beginning to Chalk n Duster with Sonu Nigam crooning around the ways of life with 'Aye Zindagi'. The song doesn't really cross any new frontiers and stays pretty basic in all dimensions, be it the writing (quite predictable), composition or singing (surprisingly unenergetic, despite Sonu Nigam at the helm of affairs). This one is a kind of situational number that threatens to bring the pace of a film down.

Alka Yagnik pretty much stayed as the voice of Juhi Chawla for close to a couple of decades, ever since she sang 'Gazab Ka Hai Din' in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. She is roped is again for 'Deep Shiksha', a song which actually kick-starts in the voice of Shraddha Mishra. A number centered on the students who are aiming to be the shining stars after being well educated, it takes a surprise turn towards the club sound as it reaches the hook-line. Alka Yagnik makes her much awaited entry at the two minute point though but by that time, one has lost interest in the song.

Last to arrive is 'Jingle Bodmas' which has Shabana Azmi stepping in as a singer as she goes about teaching kids Algebra in a fun manner. This one pretty much reminds one of the educational audio and video CDs that used to hit the stands on a frequent basis till about half a decade back, before CDs went out of fashion.





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