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There are some films which arrive out of nowhere and you wonder when were they actually put on floors. Murari – The Mad Gentleman is one such film. Without any expectation whatsoever, you wait to be surprised with what composer Biswajit Bhattacharjee (BIBO) and lyricist Krishan Bhardwaj bring for a listener.


You do like what you hear right at the beginning of the album, and it is courtesy Sonu Nigam who sings 'Raabta'. The singer is facing some challenges with some music companies due to which he isn't hard as often as one would have liked. However, he makes up for that with 'Raabta', a poetic track with a leisurely pace to it, and makes it sound even better with his silky vocals.

Bibo brings himself behind the mike with 'Tera Deewana' and what surprises is the quiet manner in which the song begins. The one whose voice is heard first is that of Shilpa Surroch's who hums a couple of English lines before Bibo takes over. A pop track where Shilpi continues with her Westernized rendition, it isn't bad for its four minute duration and does well as a fit-in number into the soundtrack.

The very title of the song to come, 'Shabbo', pretty much ensures that this one is a 'desi' item number in the offering with a rural set up to it. This is what you get to hear once Mamta Sharma's voice is heard. While lyrically there is nothing to cheer about this song that has Amit Gupta chipping in as well, it further gets into 'gali mohalla' mode with gems that follow – 'Shabbo Ki Aankhen Chalegi Toh Laundon Ki Saansein Chalegi'. Skip it!

Last to arrive is 'Udi Udi' which has two versions for it. First to arrive is a solo by Krishna Beura and you get there and then that this song won't have much of a shelf life. An unimpressive tune that doesn't have much going for it audio-wise as well, courtesy Krishna's uncharacteristic voice that gets into the classical mode, 'Udi Udi' makes one hope that the next version by Shahid Mallya and Khushboo Jain would be better. However, such boring is the tune that there is no respite in this version either.





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