Bob Dylan The Basement Tapes Bootleg 11 Arrives

Bob Dylan The Basement Tapes Bootleg 11 arrived on iTunes 30 minutes after midnight

By Stephen Pate – The 47 year wait is over. iTunes has released the 138 song opus of the Basement Tapes now called The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 The Basement Tapes Complete at 30 minutes after midnight.

Please pardon any typo or layout errors. I’m writing this from a hospital bed on my iPad which allows me to hear this new and old music while in for a check up of the old ticker.

The Basement Tapes – iTunes $49.99

There are recent articles on NJN on what’s in the various versions of Bootleg 11 plus where to find them at the best price. Check out the Dylan menu item or keep reading.

Thank you Bob Dylan and The Band for the music. Thank you Sony Legacy Records for Bootleg 11 and thank you Apple for iTunes and my iPad Air for delivering the music. Oh, and thank you Nokia 920 and Windows Phone 8.1 for Internet Sharing. Ain’t life grand.

I know what I will be doing when everyone else here wakes up. I wonder if they want to hear this at the nurses station. What do you think?

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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