Bob Dylan The Legendary Broadcasts 1969-1984 Coming Feb 16 2015

New CD covers rare Bob Dylan TV and radio performances post 60’s for a 15 year period

By Stephen Pate – The Legendary Broadcasts 1969-1984

is a new and rare release of Bob Dylan broadcasts from one of his most interesting decade and a half.

The CD has never-before-released material that mirrors Dylan’s studio albums over the 15 years.

For the details see the track listing below with great songs from this period like “Oh Sister“, “Simple Twist of Fate”, “Hurricane“, “Gotta Serve Somebody” and “Jokerman” among the 13 tracks.

The cost? Just £7.99 – or US $12 which is pretty awesome.

I like checking with Amazon in the UK since they often have better prices and low shipping costs via post. Amazon also offer fantastic customer service with generous return policies if you need to.

This CD will become a classic of new material and guess what? It’s not available in the US or Canada except by order from in the UK which is really easy. They ship to North America by post and CDs arrive quickly and in perfect condition.

There are no reviews yet but Isis Magazine gave the CD a glowing promotion. “While Bob Dylan has, in later years certainly, been accused of reclusive behaviour when it comes to TV and radio interviews, he has never been one to avoid coming forward to play his music live for television audiences.

Indeed many of his studio albums since 1969s Nashville Skyline have encouraged some form of promotional appearance on the box.

This album captures many of these broadcasts for the first time on CD, starting in 1969 with Bobs duet on the Johnny Cash show, and taking the trail through the 1970’s, which includes live versions of cuts from albums such as Blood On The Tracks and Slow Train Coming, and into the early 1980’s with numbers from Infidels.

Including 13 broadcast recordings in all and with a generous playing time of 65 minutes, this CD will prove a true delight for all Dylan fans as it presents a rare collection of alternative versions of much loved Bob Dylan compositions.” Isis Magazine

Track Listings

1. I Threw It All Away 02:22
2. Living the Blues 02:42
3. Girl from the North Country 03:18
4. Oh Sister 04:32
5. Simple Twist of Fate 04:11
6. Hurricane 08:58
7. Gotta Serve Somebody 07:07
8. I Believe In You 04:58
9. When You Gonna Wake Up 06:13
10. Gotta Serve Somebody 06:35
11. Don’t Start Me Talkin’ 02:53
12. License to Kill 05:13
13. Jokerman 05:25

This is a can’t wait CD for me and my order is in the queue. Available from  US $ equivalent will vary based on markets. 

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5 / 5 stars     
By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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