NBGS Denies Allegations Over Legislature’s Arrest

Mr. Aguer Wol Aguer speaking to Gurtong in his office in Aweil town [©Gurtong]

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Mr. Aguer Wol Aguer speaking to Gurtong in his office in Aweil town [©Gurtong]The Government of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State (NBGS) has denied allegations of ordering the arrest of Mr. Garang Majak Bol, a member of parliament who was detained on 20th December 2011.
This follows a political turmoil that led to the arrest of Mr. Majak who is representing Malek Alel Constituency, in connection to a controversial motion he made to summon the State Finance Minister Mr. Ronord Ruai Deng over delaying to pass the chapter III annual budget for 2011.
His house was also searched by police officers unlawfully according to the NBGS Assembly Speaker. 
Majak Bol was arrested in his house on 20th December 2011 by police officers following an order made by Judge Awad Osman of which the State Assembly Speaker Mr. Aguer Wol Aguer described to be in contrary to the law due to the absence of a legal copy of arrest warrant to the State Assembly.
“If my Assembly member made a problem, why is the court not informing the Assembly before ordering his arrest,” Aguer questioned?
“And if it is the matter of raising a motion against a Minister over his delays to pass the chapter III budget, then it’s the right of the Assembly to call the Minister to explain because the State is progressing towards development projects,” he said.
He added that the mandate of the Assembly is to work together with all Ministries cooperatively for the sake of development in the State. “The Assembly is worried as to why the judge arrested our member unconstitutionally.”
The State Speaker also argued that members of parliament should not be subjected to any arrests without following appropriate procedures due to their parliamentary immunity.
Arbitrary arrests of parliamentarians have been an occurring incidence in most Bahr el Ghazal Assemblies as a result of their political wangles with the State government.
On 23rd February 2011, a Western Bahr el Ghazal State Assembly member, Mr. Simon Athuai was accosted by an unknown number of security personnel as he walked to a pharmacy to buy medicine for his ill child. 

His arrest is similar to Majak Bol because he signed a petition to impeach the Assembly Speaker Mr. Andrea Mayar Acho. 
In August 2011, Warrap State Legislative Assembly summoned the State Governor to appear before members of the house to explain the arrest and alleged torture of one of its members Mr. Dominic Deng Mayom Akeen by security personnel. They demanded his release without charges.

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