New County Commissioners Identifies Priorities

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“Health is a problem in Lainya County as well as education and agriculture. In agriculture there is lack of in puts. In health we are facing lack of medicine as well as staff,” stated the Commissioner in an interview with the press. 

She said she will launch a collective effort as an approach to address the issues which she described as “key.”

Micah was sworn in yesterday after her appointment by the State Governor Clement Wani Konga replacing the late Lainya County Commissioner Tereka Sadaraka who passed away last month.  She becomes the first female county commissioner.

“In health what I will do is to lobby the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Counties are not working only with the government they are working also with the NGOs,” she said.

“I will try my level best to initiate a good relationship between the county and the NGOs so that any NGOs that call to address the issue of health I will support them, the same in education as well as agriculture,” she said.

Huda looks forward to work in collaboration with her county Members of Parliament as well as the state line ministries on how to approach the different challenges in the county.

However Amule Michael, a Youth from Lainya has said that there is encroachment of cattle keepers from Terkeka destroying crops of farmers in the county as another challenge that the new commissioner needs to address.

He said that the governor had earlier on stated his commitment to address the case but it still remains and is believed to be heightening tension between the people of Lainya and Terkeka counties.
He also pointed out the disunity between other payams in the county and Ondurba, a political issue that is in the office of the State Governor but has remained unresolved and need to be tackled.

Amule said the issue is creating tension between the residents of the payams as others fear to cross to the other’s Payam – a challenge he said the new commissioner need to tackle.

The Ondurba Payam crisis started time back and led to an incident where the former South Sudanese Minister, the late Dr Samson Kwaje was shot in his arm while attempting to address the matter.

Meanwhile the newly appointed Commissioner of Terkeka County identified illiteracy as the major challenge facing citizens in his county.

Jacob Gore said that statistics have indicated that Terkeka is among the six counties lagging behind in literacy rate.
“My focus will be in education. Terkeka is one of the counties in the state lagging behind. There are so many challenges but my interest will be tackling the issue of education,” Gore said.

“I want to make sure that, Mundari community in my time will establish the system of education being self help or with support of organizations to go ahead. This is my top priority I want to implement,” reiterated Gore.

He pointed out that inadequate infrastructure and qualified teachers are the key challenges affecting education in the county. Terkeka has being hiring teachers from the neighboring counties of Kajokeji and Yei .

However, Gore said lack of accommodation and motivational allowances had made life hard for the hired teachers to sustain a living from teaching – an issue he said he will deal with using a joint approach that will involve the county chiefs, MPs and executive directors.

The two commissioners were sworn in yesterday in Juba.

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