Jonglei State To Introduce Agriculture Extension System

Women selling their produce in Bor Market. [Gurtong | File]

“We are going to put up county nurseries in each county in 2013. From January we are going to start preparing the land,” said Mayen Ngor Atem, the Minister of Agriculture. “We established an extension system last year and now we are training them.”

The minister said that they have trained about 60 officers with the help of NGOs and at Dr John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology.

“We are making use of Dr John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology and we have signed a partnership for the University to train agriculturalist in the state,” he said.

Atem said the ministry has seconded 61 extension workers to the international organisations in the state so that they can provide extension services.

Farmers in Bor are producing vegetables but are facing challenges due to flooding in the area.

He said that most of the residents from Twic-East, Bor and Duk counties displaced during the civil wars returned with new skills and technologies that are boosting vegetable production.

He advised farmers to produce vegetables during dry season along the rivers to increase on harvest.

“Twic-East, Bor, Pibor, Pochalla, Ayod, Fangak and Pigi counties have water during the dry season they can actually produce vegetables,” he said.

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