Pibor Leaders Advise Youth Against Joining Rebellion

Chiefs at the governor’s office during the peace meetings in May 2012. [Gurtong | File]

Pibor County Commissioner in Pibor Joshua Konyi said that the rebels operating in Pibor needed to recruit to implement their political interests and continue killing innocent civilians in the area.

 Last week in Thangnyang village of Gumuruk Payam, a chief was killed by the rebel fighters for not allowing youth to join the militia in fighting.

According to the source in Pibor headquarters, the rebel soldiers were angered by the move taken by the chief for advising the youth from his village not to support David Yau Yau.

Konyi said that Khartoum used Yau Yau to destabilise the security in South Sudan’s largest state, Jonglei to inorder to show the world that South Sudanese cannot govern themselves.

He asked the civilians to be patient and allow the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) time to clear the rebels from the area as it is going to happen soon.

“Very soon you will hear that David Yau Yau has been killed by SPLA like Gatlauk (a rebel leader who was killed in two years ago) in Unity state,” Konyi said.

  He called upon the community leaders and civilians not to allow rebels on their side as their land will be free from rebels, whom he described as enemies of peace.

 “Do not allow rebel fighters on your side, the SPLA are going to clear them away and the place will be peaceful once again. Youth will dance and everybody will do what they want,” he said.

 Last week, alleged David Yau Yau rebels shot and killed one Person near Pibor town leaving two others with injuries.

The meeting in September was attended by South Sudan Deputy Minister of Commerce and Supply Kengen Jakor, Jonglei State Minister of Youth and Culture Baba Medan, Murle intellectuals including Kennedy Gain and more than 60 chiefs from different clans in Pibor County.

 The Youth Minister said their mission was to tell the civilians to keep away from rebels and to give SPLA time to protect them.

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