Experts Downplay Existence Of Acute Typhoid In Juba

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The team headed by Dr Kajansuk Abdalla Moi, the Director General of Juba Teaching Hospital held a press conference at the hospital to react to reports of what they said is aggravated reports about the level of typhoid in the country.

“Yes the fact is there is typhoid in Juba and the country but not up that extent,” Dr Kajansuk said.

In Juba, the medical experts said clinic operators often claim that people have typhoid so as to sell their drugs.

The director general also down played reports of insufficient medicine in the hospital.

He said that the most essential drugs and services of the hospital are available adding that the hospital has never stopped working.

The Director for Nursing and Midwifery Anita Peter Modi said that many people around Juba have been made to believe that there is acute typhoid in the country.

She added that there are reports that are untrue about the hospital and that the relationship between patients and the nurses is something to be improved.

So far, she said they have dismissed one person for extorting money from patients and several others warned for indiscipline.

The work load is said to be high at the hospital with one nurse handling more than 50 patients.

The experts also think that there is need to regulate the clinics in Juba arguing that they sometimes prescribe wrong medicine.

The director general said they have a challenge of people storing dead bodies at the mortuary as the capacity of the mortuary can no longer contain the number and that post mortem services have been required for many bodies.

Director General for Medical Service in the Ministry of Health Dr Thou Loi, is also questioning the qualification of some of the people working in clinics.

He said that some of the bodies are brought to the hospital and later a claim is made that they died from the hospital due to insufficient medicine.

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