Fuel Shortage Hits Lakes State

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Dozens of motorists and Boda boda riders have been lining up for hours at Dalbit Petrol Station near the airstrip to get their share of the scarce commodity.

Fuel shortages have become more frequent in South Sudan with analysts blaming it lack of foreign exchange in the country but Abraham Chol Majok, a branch manager at Dalbit International says the current shortage in Rumbek is not only caused by a scarcity of foreign exchange but it is because of limited supply from the rest of fuel companies operating in Lakes State.

“There is a shortage of petrol in Rumbek because of road impassibility especially between Juba to Rumbek via Yirol where most of supply comes through,” he said.

Majok added that there is limited supply versus high demand in the state and the high taxes at the border compounded with little profit discourage most suppliers from delivering adequate quantity on timely basis.

He said that South Sudan depends on importation and meeting these high volume demands in the country is a challenge as diesel and petrol are main source of energy.

Referring to recent agreement signed between Sudan and South Sudan, Majok is hopeful that problem will be solved between the two countries over the next few weeks and once again South Sudan will resume its oil production and export to the international market.

He said that his company not been affected by the recent crisis because it is registered with the Kenyan pipelines and their supply comes directly from the Kenya and Tanzania.

“We are the only company in the whole of South Sudan that always has enough quantity to meet the demand nationally and regionally since 2004 delivering quality service to people of South Sudan,” he said.

 The company has fuel stations in Juba, Rumbek and Wau towns.

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