Muslims To Elect New Leadership

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Juma Sayid, Chairperson of the CES Muslim Steering Committee told Gurtong in an exclusive interview that the conference is aimed at identifying the key challenges that the elected leadership should work on, adding it is also targeting on how to forge unity in the community. 

Juma said the CES Muslim leadership is in disarray following leadership struggle among some Muslim leaders. He said the CES Governor Clement Wani Konga had to dissolve two CES Muslim Councils last year and set a steering committee to address the CES Muslim affairs.

According to Juma, the Steering committee is now organizing the conference so as to formalize the council and elect a leadership to address numerous challenges facing the state Muslim leadership and the community.

“We are going to elect one council in the state which will address our affairs,” he said.
He pointed out numerous challenges facing the CES Muslim leadership including some Muslims who come from other states and want to involve themselves in the administration of the leadership rather than being as part of the state Muslim community.

He said the CES Muslim community has numerous resources such as shops, buildings among others that are supposed to be under the administration of the state Muslim leadership.

However, these properties have been grabbed by some individuals who are being backed by some key politicians and use the resources for personal interest rather than public.

“And that is why now we want to form the council which will have an authority. Because the steering committee has not succeeded in retrieving the assets simply because it has no legal status to claim the property,” said Juma. 

“Some of the challenges when elected, the leadership will be working on is how we can educate our children and citizens to know their religion first, provide education and how we can coordinate with our neighbors in Uganda, Kenya, and other neighbouring countries so as we can get experience from them,” he said.

The secession of South Sudan last year left the South Sudanese Muslim leadership disoriented as the Sudan which is Muslim dominated was cut away.

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