XL Foods Inc. Resumes Partial Operations

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The notorious meat plant in Alberta that has been centre of attention due to E. coli scare is now permitted to recommence partial operations amidst its federal inspection to verify the improved health procedures. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency made an announcement on Thursday stating that XL Foods Inc. is only permitted to start processing of the backload of carcasses in the plant. However, they also specifically pointed out that no meat is allowed to leave the premises for human consumption at all.

Executive director of the agency’s western operations, Dr. Harpreet Kochhar, identified that the objective of the investigation is to “carefully review” the new food safety procedures in the plant. He did not provide any specific dates as to when will the plant be resuming its complete functionality. The agency mentioned that it has decided to arrange two extra inspectors for the plant for law enforcement efforts in regards to E. coli precautions. These two extra inspectors are an addition to the original 40 inspectors and 6 veterinarians already supervising the production lines.

Processing will only be done on the approximately 5,000 carcasses which were stuck in the plant’s production line at the time it was shut down last month. Authorities claim that all of them are already tested for E. coli, out which only few carcasses were infected which will be destroyed. CFIA has notified that numerous problems found at the facility include leaky pipes, clogged water nozzles, a smelly drain, and insufficient record keeping.

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