Jonglei Youth Urge For Better Utilisation Of Local Funds

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Ayaar Deng Monywach, the Chairperson of Jonglei State Youth Union said that the Community Development Funds (CDF) is the conditional grant donated by the government to the local authority for the community to decide on what projects to do.

“Now my capacity as youth base on CDF is that the government need to instruct youth to facilitate the implementation of CDF services in the counties,” said Ayaar.

He said that the facilitation of the CDF and community projects is not being facilitated by the government effectively as required by the constitution.

He said that some Members of Parliament use CDF as their own property for benefiting their communities.

He said there are challenges facing villages in term of transport and health facilities.

Elijah Mochnom Wuor from Duk County said mobility is a problem during the rainy season which hampers the transportation of medicines to the health centres and are required to use a helicopter which is costly.

Some of the community members are blaming the state government on insecurity due to poor roads in the counties.

Two weeks ago, four people were injured in an attempted cattle raid but the community did not manage to transport them all to Bor Civil Hospital for treatment.

In a passing the budget, the state legislative assembly raised the use of CDF and called for the monitoring of the community services by involving MPs in the monitoring of the county services.  

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