Legislators Urged To Create Dialogue In Wau County

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

State Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan held a meeting on Tuesday with state Legislative Assembly Members at the state assembly and said that dialogue is the only solution which can end the disputes.

The youth protested in Wau County against the government decision to transfer the county Headquarter to Bagari.

The youth representatives said the youth are opposed to the government orders to transfer Wau County headquarter to Bagari Payam which is in a remote area and the county will not gain any revenue.

Wau County MPs said that the state assembly was to reach an agreement on whether to endorse the transfer of headquarters of the two counties but the state governor has issued a gubernatorial order to relocate the headquarters outside Wau town. 

While swearing in the new appointed county commissioners, Hassan’s instruction come to empower the Town Council Mayor to take necessary responsibility for running the town. 

MPs from Wau County held a meeting which supported the youth protests that the state government described as illegal.

The governor has warned those MP’s involved in inciting  the youth adding that the decision of taking towns to the people was not only made by him but it was line with the basic constitution.

“It was you the MPs who passed the resolution of taking towns to the people and it is you today who are supporting the youth of not taking town to our people, this is unacceptable and I therefore urge you all to enlighten our people about the importance of taking towns to them,” Hassan said.

Hassan also urged the local community to open the Bagari road to allow free movement of the citizens.

The road remains closed since the protest began two week ago.

Speaker Andrea Mayar Acho urged the MPs to intensify the peace process to end the deadlock.

“Today am urging you especially those from Wau County to go back to your people at all levels in the county to advise them on the importance of taking counties headquarters to them,” he said. 

The issue of Wau County refusing to comply with the order appears to be dividing the assembly as some MPs from Raga and Jur River counties are pointing their fingers at Wau County.     

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