Universities Petition Kiir, Demand Intervention

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“We have a lot of problems in the universities for example we talked about teaching conditions for the academic staff in the universities, some live in containers and they don’t have lights,” Dr. Andrew Atiba representative of the leadership told the press in a statement shortly after presenting the petition to the Presidency.  

The representatives from the universities of Juba, Rumbek, Wau, Upper Nile and Dr. John Garang University of Science and Technology demanded the President’s intervention in several areas they believe will improve academic performance.

The staff also demanded for restructuring of their salaries including housing allowance. And a refund of the 50 per cent housing allowance cut that was effected as a result of austerity measures.

He pointed out that some allowances have been returned but in petty form and they are demanding for a full refund including arrears.

He also added that the President’s intervention should involve a plan to form a National Research Council that will assist in streamlining the policies of the higher education in the country.

 “We narrated this to the President so that he can intervene and make some necessary conditions for the education,” Atiba said.

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