WES To Project Own Population

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The Governor made the announcement at the second Commissioners’ Forum in Yambio at South Sudan Hotel that kicked off on Monday.

“Within seven days, WES is coming up with its population projection for 2012/2013. We have everybody on board based on returnees,” he announced.

The governor says the 2008 census is disputed by southerners.

“The census that was conducted was during rainy season. People were not reached, Lord’s Resistance Army were destabilizing the state. Now people have come from Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda,” he said.

On security, the Governor urged the commissioners to take care of all groups of people in their counties to foster reconciliation as stipulated in the Local Government Act (LGA).

Bakosoro suggests that all commissioners should be oriented on security, implementation of the LGA and plan for the development of their counties in liaison with their executive directors and police commissioners.

“Am advising that all county commissioners should be close with the commissioners of police in the counties and the judiciary to ensure there is rule of law in the county,” said the Governor.

Governor Bakosoro appealed to counties along borders to use diplomacy is solving their problems.

“Take care of the security, through diplomacy. Engage your counterparts across in negotiations, like the security situation in Mvolo has lessened because we at our levels engaged ourselves”.

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