More Than 65,000 In Need Of Food Assistance In Kapoeta

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Lokonoi said the most vulnerable communities are in Wokobu, Najie and Nakwa payams totalling 65,000 in population.

Lokonoi currently doubles as MP and State Minister for Transport and Road in the state government of Eastern Equatoria State.

He told the media that his community responded optimistically on efforts by the state to put up with social amenities and the community members had come out thanking the government for the recently constructed dams in their territory.

He said the WFP has put arrangement to ensure the affected community will be taken care of after requests by the commissioners of the affected counties; Budi, Kapoeta North, Kapoeta South and Kapoeta East.

Most of the affected areas are not easily accessible due to the poor road network and the locals are now busy opening roads connecting Payams to all Bomas as the WFP is expected to provide food for work to the heads of the affected households which he said started with registration in September.

The area MP told the media that the community survives by seeking wild food ranging from wild fruits to wild animals at this critical time which is destructive to the wild.

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