Ministry Deliberates On The Environmental Protection And Management Bill

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This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The ministry in collaboration with the United Nations Environmental Programs (UNEP) convened the workshop under the theme “towards good environmental governance and sustainable development.”

Prof. Alfred Ladu Gore who is the minister of environment said that it’s the first time for South Sudan to discuss issues related to environment which has become one of the world’s focal point of discussion.

“The workshop will build the future environmental legal framework that addresses the natural concern such as degradation and deforestation,” he said.

He said that Juba has rapidly grown and that the impact of growth has left irreversible environmental impact adding that air pollution and noise has increased in the city.

Gore said that Juba alone has about 10,000 generators polluting the environment. He further said that his ministry intends to come up with a law that is socially viable, equitable and environmentally friendly.

The minister also said that the bill is a step in raising awareness and sensitization in promotion of sustainable environment across all sectors in South Sudan.

He added that the relevance and effectiveness of the bill is an issue that shall continuously be monitored and periodically reviewed.

Meanwhile the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Betty Achan Ogwaro who graced the occasion on behalf of the vice president said that the environment is being degraded in the country giving an example of charcoal burning which she says is sometimes done ignorantly.

“This legal framework will be a very important tool for us to improve even the agriculture production,” she said.

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