Council Of States Calls For Reconciliations In Eastern Equatoria

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This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

He made the statement on Tuesday in a media briefing at the council of states in Juba where he said that they are finishing their report on their findings about allegation against the governor of Eastern Equatoria state Hon. Louis Lobong Lojore.

“We came with our findings and recommend reconciliation to bring about peace and harmony in the area,” he said.

Oller said that they had even made this recommendation to the issue of Northern Bahr el Ghazal when the governor dismissed the speaker. He added that the recommendation has not been implemented due to financial constraints.

The deputy speaker said that the move is supposed to include the civil society, religious leaders and cultural leaders to bring peace and harmony to Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

He has called for concerted efforts for a common good of the country adding that there is need to focus on the development of the new country.

The recommendations about the council of states findings in Eastern Equatoria State are still going to the president for signing.

The investigation conducted by South Sudan’s upper house – the Council of States – found that the allegations were a politically motivated and emanated from elections in 2010.

The governor was linked to militia in an allegation made by Michael Losike, a member of parliament compelling the investigation.

The Council of States decided to investigate the issue and summon the governor following accusations presented by the MP in October.

During the hearing, Governor Lobong denied the allegation but the Council of States resolved to form a committee to further investigate into the charges.
The deputy speaker also said that the government in Eastern Equatoria State has accused the committee of biasness.

He urged politicians not to use personal difference for national affairs. He added that there is need for politicians to go to the states and mobilize people in an effort to reconcile them.

Oller also advised that there is need for laws to be made from time to time.

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