Upper Nile University Sets Exams Date, No Meals To Be Offered

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The academic secretary in the university, Ustaz Wani Sisto announced to students who have supplementary and substitute to come and clear their examinations on March 15.

“Only those who have supplementary; I repeat only those who have supplementary and substitutes are asked to come for examinations which are going to begin on 15 March and will run for a period of two weeks till 28 March,” Sisto stated.

Sisto added that the students are expected to go back to their own places without delay, right after finishing their examinations.

“Immediately after supplementary exams students will be expected to return to their respective places since we have not declared the opening of the university,” Sisto said.

Sisto pointed out that there are only two centres of Renk and Malakal campuses in which the exams will be carried out as per the faculties’ station.

The academic secretary reminded the students that during the two weeks of exams students will be responsible of their own feeding.

“This is the first time to receive our students and failed to deliver them food services. However, we in South Sudan know very well why it is happening. This is because of the austerity measures which have affected the country economy and Upper Nile University is suffering from that,” Sisto explained.

“We don’t have financial capacity to provide food. However, students will be accommodated in the university hostels,” he added.

Sisto said that university is allowing supplementary and substitute exams to set students free of those worries before their next academic year. He added that it will be a good opportunity for the students in the final classes because these exams hinder them in processing certificates.

He urged the students in general to be patient as the university is trying hard to make the end meet due to financial difficulties.

“We do not want risk opening the university without feeding services to the students. So that why we say we are struggling to secure something for the students,” he stressed.

Upper Nile University sent its students for holidays since last October but got stranded to open again due to what the authorities claimed to be financial difficulties.

The administration asked the Upper Nile state government to avail some funds for the tertiary institution to restart its activities once again. Most of the officials in the university and state express hope that the fundraising started a month ago will bear fruits. 

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