Pibor County Telecommunication Systems Have Technical Issues: Minister

The government officials have told Gurtong that the close down of the network system was not planned by the government and the state government Spokesperson and Deputy Governor, Hussein Maar Nyuot has said that network system was not closed intentionally.

Maar said that they have organized the repair with some engineers from the United Nations (UN) and Zain to fix the technical issues of the network in Pibor County.

Maar said that if a machine is just set up without anyone to look carefully at it on the ground, it goes faulty and it will need the company to send engineers to repair the parts on the ground.

Hussein said that he thinks that there is no military work behind the close down of the networks in the area.

The division 8 commander, Peter Gadet Yaak has said that the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has nothing to do with the closedown of the telecommunication system networks in the area because communication has a great role to the civil population in the country.

“We have no interfering in the villages around Pibor, the close down of network systems should be related to technical issues in the county,” he said.

Pibor County has two network companies of which one is operating in Likuangole and the other one in Pibor county headquarters.

Last week Zain network went off in Twic East County due to some technical faults from the company.

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