South Sudan National Parliament Re-Opens

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Kiir called the legislators to embark on serious legislation and improve focuses on development of infrastructure.

The House is re-opening after it went for a three month recess. Kiir outlined a number of bills that this time round the House should concentrate on as soon as possible.

He outlined the key bills as; the Petroleum Revenue Management, Agricultural Bank, Workers Trade Union, Right to Access of Information, Broadcasting Corporation, Media Authority, Advocacy, Pension Scheme and HIV/AIDS Commission Bills.

“I expect you-parliament to pay close attention to education. We must prepare the coming generation to take full control of our affairs, and I expect you to do your part in this by supporting legislation which advances education for all girls and boys,” Kiir told the MPs during the function.

Kiir also called the parliament to address the issues of immigration in the country.

He said there has been massive immigration into the country.

Though it has been of significant help in terms of labour provision, he said some of the immigrants are unskilled and the Minister of Justice will present a labour bill that will help control such immigration.

He also said there is need to address the rate of unemployment in the country through expanding the private sector. He also added that much support needs to be put into vocational education alongside academic education.

House Speaker James Wani Igga in his elaborate speech which covered security, food production, economy, trade and partly corruption outlined a number of achievements in the previous session.

He said in 17 sittings of the house, the parliament passed four bills, it had 19 external experience exchange visits by various delegates of the parliament, 39 domestic travels to hot spot centers in the country, had five workshops, 20 numbers of work plans and policies passed, multiplicity of summons, and 40 resolutions passed by the Assembly Business Committees.

He also stated that, the Council of States had 10 sittings, passed five bills, summoned five Ministers and Chairperson of the local government board, and passed 10 resolutions.

Among other upcoming and current plans and activities, Igga said the SSNA intends to form a member committee to form up a Think Tank for the parliament. It will assist the parliament in making research, planning and advising the SSNA and possibly the executive in diverse fields.

The SSNA also looks to concentrate on seven uncompleted bills which their passing was not finished during the last session. It also expects to legislate on the 2013/2014 national budget among others.

The executive, judiciary, activists and the members of the international and national agencies also attended the opening.

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