Yei County Commissioner Urges Citizens To Remain Calm Following Arrest Of Chiefs

The leaders pose for a photograph after a meeting which focused on the current political situation in the county and also to encourage the sub chiefs to continue with their normal official duties.[Petia Suliman Loro]

Juma David Augustine said this during a consultative meeting with the Sub-chiefs from Yei Town Payam.

Five chiefs, a Member of Parliament and the chairman Kakwa Community in Yei County were arrested and are detained without trial in Juba.

The meeting focused on the current political situation in the county and also to encourage the sub chiefs to continue with their normal official duties.

The meeting was also to denounce the allegations against the commissioner by some individuals from Yei Town payam that he was behind the arrest of the leaders in Yei County since there was disagreement between the county Authority, local leaders and the traders over the demarcation of the markets.

Some individuals said that, the commissioner wanted to grab some plots of land for himself or he wanted to sell it to some people who are not the natives of Yei River County.

“The commissioner has no land issue with anybody,” said Juma.

The meeting was convinced that, it was not the intention of the National Government to apprehend its own people, but rather to clean up whatsoever is painting the people wrongly.

The members also unanimously agreed that the government should begiven enough time to complete its investigations and the report from the investigating committee will be communicated to the public.

The members were also made to understand that it was not the plan of the commissioner of Yei River County to arrest the leaders from Yei County.

Juma thanked all the sub-chiefs for being open about the problems disturbing them and also not identifying themselves with the tribal sentiment against any tribe in Yei River County.

He appreciated the sub-chiefs for showing high level of maturity to understand the politics and the interests of the community to protect the citizens.
Clemet Wota, a Sub-chief from Minyori Boma in Yei Town Payam appreciated the step taken by the county commissioner to call for a meeting to brief them about the current situation in the county.

Clement urged the citizens to maintain peace and order and wait for the report from the government on the arrest of the leaders.

Clement urged the top leadership of Central Equatoria State Government to visit the area so as to make local leaders understand the reason that led to the arrest of the leaders.

Last week, Members of Parliament for Greater Yei County in the National Legislative Assembly got concerned after hearing that six of their chiefs and a former politician were arrested and held by a security agency in unknown place.

A delegation of MPs from Greater Yei County in effect met the Chairperson for Security and Public Order in National Legislative Assembly, Aleu Ayieny Aleu to understand the fate of the chiefs.

The head of the delegation, Hon. Paul Youni Bonju said the reason for the arrest should be made public for them to understand.

“We had a meeting with the MPs of Greater Yei. They came to us with greater concern over the arrest of their six chiefs and one former member of parliament,” Aleu confirmed the meeting with the Greater Yei MPs on Friday.

“From the information I gathered from them I was able to contact all the security sectors and able to trace where they are. They are in Juba in safe hands. I would like to appeal to the people of Yei that their chiefs are in good health and measures are being taken to look in to their case,” he added.

Currently, the situation in Yei River County is calm.

The Kakwa Community representatives in Juba have demanded the release or trial of the chiefs.

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