Efforts To Clean Juba Markets in Sudan

County authorities are calling on Juba residents to maintain cleanliness in the town especially at the markets.

Juba County Commissioner Thomas Peter Gore spoke to SRS in Juba on last Wednesday after his visit to markets in the town.

“After my visit to the markets in Juba town I found all the markets are full of garbage. I held a meeting with the Executive Directors and I told them that everybody has to come out to clean the markets. I went for the second time starting from Juba market, Konyokonyo to Jebel and from there to Gudele then I came to Libya and Melisa markets. On my third visit, I found that Kator was much cleaner as they had taken the garbage away. I also went to Munuki payam and found that they had taken the garbage away with the exception of old Custom market", he said.

Gore also urged all the people in Juba town to participate in the cleaning of the town.

“I am urging everybody to help us in maintaining cleanliness because a healthy environment is not for the commissioner, governor or for Kiir who is our President; a healthy environment is for all. All of us must come out to help so that we are all healthy. Even in your house if you are not careful you will suffer from a lot of diseases because of dirty environment. So everyone should cooperate in the collection of garbage", he said.


The newly elected commissioner added that his main priority is addressing security in the county.

“Security is my first priority as a commissioner of Juba county. Our routine meetings every Saturday is all about security, so that we are able to control the security situation in Juba town.

We have to provide security in Juba town. I just came from meeting the Minister of Internal Affairs Gier Chuang so that we can coordinate the security issue in Juba town. This is because as a commissioner of Juba county I cannot control the security in Juba alone. Because there are people from all the states of southern Sudan here in Juba, and all the ambassadors are also here.”

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