Bentiu Water Bottling Plant To Launch In July

Bentiu Pure Natural Water officer displays a section of the packed water. The company will be lauched in July. [Luk Riek Nyak.

Speaking to Gurtong this morning, the managing Director for Bentiu Pure Natural Water said the water should be available in the market as the opening ceremony should be done on the 9th of July 2013 once approved by the state authority.

“We are now producing 3,000 bottles per a day just for the beginning but when the work started we will be producing 18,000 bottles per a day…that is the capacity of our machines,” Owen said.

During the roads blockade last year, Unity State serious affected by lack of purified mineral water that used to be transported from the North and Juba – Rumbek – Bentiu road is not accessible during the rainy season leading to an increase in prices for all commodities including fuel.

The local population appreciates the role played the water company to set up a plant in Bentiu.

“This is the first time that our State produces its own water, people will enjoy it and its price will not be like the one transported from Juba because it’s made local here,” said Mr. Yak Jany.

Owen was an employee of Ben He Construction Company that was registered in the Republic of China that was engaged in construction of low cost house in Bentiu but its activities declined and Owen decided to form a water company.

He concluded that the price of one bottle will be made public during the inauguration day.

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