Prosecutor Admits Difficulty Handling Security Officials

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“A soldier from the SPLA or personnel of National Security or the Police may be a suspect but you will find that it is rather difficult to bring him or her to justice as quickly as you would expect because of their positions,” said General Filberto Mayuot Mareng in an exclusive interview.

He said it is a mentality accruing from the effects of the long liberation struggle.

“There is this mentality that laws are not applicable to some people because of the position they hold. This is a situation that exists always in post-war situations,” he said.

The prosecutor general however strongly believes that the mentality will diminish after some period of transition.

“Gradually, we will have the rule of law upheld because without the rule of law, there is no prosperity, there is no development and there is no peace and stability,” he said.

Despite this war mentality, the prosecutor said no security official who commits crimes and is brought to face justice will ever go scot-free as long as there is sufficient evidence.

He said they prosecute such people through liaising with their departmental heads and relevant ministers.

“We quite get some support from their senior or departmental heads. For instance, if the case involves suspects from the national security or any security organ from the police, we take up the case with the minister of interior or security as the case may be,” he explained.

Mayuot called for public support, saying in cases of embezzlement by public figures, the public can play a great role as they know the people, how much they have acquired over time, what they do and what they own.

He cited other challenges facing the judiciary as limited human resource capacity, lack of facilities for instance for instance forensic investigation.

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