University Sacks Three Over Fee Control

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The affected officers are Dr. Ambrose Samuel, the Dean College of Veterinary and Medicine, Dr. Kuol Pal Deng, University Secretary for Academic Affairs and Malual Majok the Dean of Laboratory.

Speaking to the Gurtong, Dr. Kuol Pal Deng said that nothing has been mentioned in their relieve letters as a subject to their relief but suggested that the relieve was linked to them rejecting the vice chancellors decision to manage the University registration fees.

“Our relief come after [a] series of meetings that we conducted about how the University could be opened, how its financials could be managed and our meeting comes up with the decision of how students could pay their fees through [the] bank,” said Pan Deng who is among those relieve.

Pan Deng said that in their meetings, they come up with posting money in a bank account and suggested three people to be signatories to the account but the vice chancellor suggested a block account which will be only be managed by him as a signatory.

The suggested signatories were University vice chancellor, University principle and finance controller, move that brought controversial and was opposed by those relieved now.

“In this situation and action taken by the University Vice chancellor, we believe that we are being betrayed by our colleague within the administration,” said Pan Deng.

Pan Deng outlined that the future of the University will not go ahead despite mismanagement of University finances adding that the attitude would course poor quality of education and learning at the University.

“The resignation of Dr. Ambrose Samuel is a great setback to the University especially the college of medicine,” said Pan Deng.

Associate Professor, Dr. Ambrose Samuel Juubara Tombe, said in a letter that the college of Veterinary Science will not have a chance to be established in the University of Bahr el Ghazal given the trait of the management with ethnic biasness and attitude towards the academic leadership of the college.

The letter also said that by the virtue of being the interim chairman of South Sudan Veterinary Medical Association and council, a senior academician and a senior Dean in the University, it is his responsibility to express serious concerns directly and to offer constructive suggestions for the way forward.

“I have come to conclude that without significant changes and reform in the administrative system which is riddled with incompetence, injustice of all colours and nepotism, the University my slide toward instability and protracted administrative crisis with the inception of this academic year,” he said.

The vice chancellor declined the contacts made through his administration office to comment on the allegations. 

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