Pass Constitution Before Elections; Kenya’s Former Minister Advices South Sudan Leaders

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Otieno who was giving lecture to both South Sudan State and National legislature and executive said putting the constitution in order will avoid South Sudan realizing more problems, adding it is very important that the country set a strong foundation of good governance at its early stage.

Commending the fledgling nation as having a “good start” compared to many African countries during the two years, Otieno cautioned that being a State that has taken long in the hands of colonialists its problems can also be serious should the system not be in the right order.

He called for the leadership to ensure a comprehensive constitution is passed with all the necessary laws in a move to ensure effective governance that will make the young nation avoid some of the problems faced by some of the African countries that had failed to put things right at their initial stage after getting independence.

“Before the elections you must have a comprehensive constitution,” Otieno said.

He said the national law should clearly define relations between all the arms of the government and between the government and the citizens.

He added that it should involve vetting powers to see that able persons are appointed to lead and provide services.

He also said the constitution should clearly define term limits, adding it should clearly address the issue of land.

He said the issue of land has up to date remained a problem in most of the African States despite laws been passed to ensure its usage.

However, he stressed that; adequate research can lead to establishment of a better law to govern the use of the land.

He pointed out that despite protection of land rights of the citizens that should be spelt in the constitution, government should ensure that the law also promotes attraction of investors.

South Sudan is currently amending its 2011 Transitional Constitution so as to pass a permanent one.

However, despite the establishment of the Constitutional Review Commission early last year, it has no funds according to its chairman, affecting the work progress.

South Sudan according to the constitutional requirement should by 2015 hold national general elections.

However, experts have remained concerned with the gear on the amendment of the permanent constitution which is expected to be passed before the 2015 elections. 

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