SPLM Leaders Urged To Value Democracy

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Edmond Yakani, Program Coordinator of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) who spoke to Gurtong in an exclusive interview said that respect for democracy is the only best way for the party to sort out its differences which of latest has grown to another level.

Following intention by South Sudanese Vice President Dr. Riek Machar to challenge his Boss President Salva Kiir ahead of the party’s elections, the move has raised tension in the party, one of its latest since the country gained its independence.

Early this month, Dr. Riek came public and told the media that he wanted to contest for the SPLM Chairperson position, raising eye brows in the party in a move the VP described as “healthy”.

However, tension has remained in the party following his declaration. The mood as a reaction to the move increasingly become tense when the party Secretary General Pagan Amum challenged his party Boss President Salva Kiir over a decision he took to suspend two of the government ministers over alleged fraud.

The party extra-ordinary convention which would have taken place this has been postponed for next year according to reports.

There are no clear reasons though reports have confirmed that the internal wrangles in the party might have compelled a decision for the postponement.

Citizens Gurtong spoke to say the internal wrangles posses a threat to the efforts of building the fledgling nation.

However, Edmond Yakani said if the party would only observe democracy, sorting the matter becomes simple.

“The way forward is to call SPLM to respect democratic principles and I don’t call SPLM as a party, the most call goes to the leadership of the SPLM to respect democratic principles,” Edmond said.

“The second thing is to respect the honorable peaceful means of government transformation from one single individual to another that is very crucial,” he said, adding that; “because if they as individuals in the SPLM are not respecting those democratic principles the probability of such undemocratic attitudes is reflected in public institutions.”

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