Upper Nile State Workers Salaries Delayed

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Chan told the press in Malakal that the salaries have delayed due to lack of funds raised to cover the month’s salaries payment for workers.

“We realized poor revenue collected in the state because the sources of our revenue are locked,” the minister said.

Upper Nile State used to have some of her revenues collected at the taxation units but since then the road network which was used by business in bringing goods to the state has been closed down due to the rainy season making it inaccessible.

“Now the state used to receive goods from Juba using the Nile transport which sometimes takes almost one week for goods to reach the states,” Chan said.

The minister expresses concerns on the bad road network as it leads to low revenue collection at the check points and from business units to top on the national budget since most of the roads were blocked.

Chan said the national government passed some policies to supplement the state monthly budget by five percent, which will improve and raise the salaries for the workers.

“We have taken some part of the state salaries to the northern counties of the state for disbursement as they were about to go on strike due to delay in salaries disbursement. The remaining counties of the southern state are underway in preparation to be given their remaining salaries,” the minister said.

He also said that the central county main town of Malakal has been planned to obtain their salary soon which will first be prioritized on the key main and few departments/ministries like the ministry of health.

The minister finally said that the process is underway and will make sure all the salaries are promptly paid before the next month.

Chan did not disclose the days of salaries payment for the state however he just mentioned that the payment will be duly done in the upcoming days.

“Juba used to delay the money to the extent of combining two months which sometimes becomes very difficult for the workers to maintain their life,” Chan said.

The minister also mentioned the issue of sale tax adjustment grant that assists the states not being given to his state thus causing difficulty in prompt payment.

Meanwhile this year’s May salary was not paid to the workers and for that case the workers in the state were almost going on strike.

The minister reveal that his states has more than 12,000 workers which he said are not being managed by the national budget and so they have to use the state revenue for paying the extra.

The chairperson for Upper Nile State Traders Union Mr. Adwok Udhol Ajang urged the government to quicken the payment of salaries and appealed to the workers to remain calm as the Ministry is resolving the problems and finding solutions toward payment of salaries.

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