Governor Rizik Relieves 7 State Advisers

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The decree comes after governor’s announcement of plans to sack his cabinet and form a lean government.

The advisers relieved include; Adviser for Decentralization Rural and Development Wol Dhel Theip, Adviser for Essential Services Livio Gelego Bahara, Security Adviser Rizik Dominic Samuel, Political Advisor Charles Anthony Ngberende, Gender and Social Welfare Adviser Monika Luic Mawein, Adviser for Boundaries and Inter-communal Relation Miskin Abdelmukaram, Peace and Reconciliation Adviser, Efisio Kon Uguak.

Governor Rizik also has held a meeting with all ministry directors instructing them to run the ministries and that the state is only going to have nine ministers.

The governor’s press secretary Justin Abo Sheal said governor is listed to announce the relief of all ministers before the end of this week.

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