Parliament Receives Labour Ministry’s Policy Statement

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The Ministry plans to establish data on EES human resource training needs and capacity building program apart from formulating human resource policies, procedures and regulations for the functioning of EES labour market.

Tabling her Ministry’s key document before the state Lawmakers at Assembly’s Hall in Torit for discussions, the Minister, Lorika Stella Brenda, read the policy to the MPs after the Speaker Emmanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi opened a floor and moved to introduce her.

The minister emphasized her Ministry’s Mandate, vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives respectively pointing out that its mandate is to establish a competent, functional and effective public service that meets the requirements of modern economy.

The Ministry’s vision states that the public service seeks to provide impartial quality and timely service to the people of EES.

She added that Her Ministry’s Mandate seeks to establish and implement guidance and policy framework that subsequently creates and manages responsive and inclusive Public Service Regulations apart from providing labour market to respond to needs of a modern economy.

After presentation, the Assembly Speaker invited the Parliamentary Committee of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development to receive the document and the committee, as provided in the Parliament’s Conduct of Business Regulations, is expected to thoroughly study and then report back, after 45 days and depending on degree of work.

Last week, the State Legislative Assembly Speaker Ocholimoi announced that the Members of Parliament will not be released for their recess before deliberations on the State Ministries’ policy statements.

“The Conduct of Business allows for Members of the Assembly to go for recess after every 36 sittings (three consecutive months’ sittings). However the Conduct of Business also allows the Assembly to convene an emergency or extra-ordinary session on request from half of its Members or upon a call from the Governor,” he clarified.

The Speaker Ocholimoi confirmed that the Assembly has so far covered 36 sittings since the opening of its fourth session by the State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore on the 25th of June 2013.

He, however, disclosed that the move follows consultations with the state Governor, who both resolved that the approaching recess will not be possible as it will be deferred because the Members of Parliament have to deliberate and approve all policy statements from the State Ministries reflecting the Fiscal Year Budget for 2013/2014.

He said the recent changes in the government that resulted to reduction of Ministries, merging of some Ministries with the new reshuffle became the main cause for the delay where all the Ministers have been charged to develop and present their policy statements and equally expected presentation at Parliament.

The Speaker disclosed that the move followed an Assembly Business Committee (ABC) meeting which in its sitting held on Thursday 26th September 2013, decided that the sittings are going to be unusual because Members of the August House would sit for two sessions in a day, one in the morning and another one in the evening beginning from Tuesday 1st of October 2013; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday per week as usual.

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