New Parliamentary Security Committee Deputy Chair Pledges To Deliver Better Services

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Appointed by the speaker Emmanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi with an effect from October 1, 2013, Hon. Lopeyok replaced the former Security and Public Order Committee Deputy Chairperson John Ochan Bongomin Nono who left the post after being appointed by the state Governor to head the state Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperatives Irrigation and Rural Development in the July cabinet reshuffle in the state government.

Prior to this, Hon. Ochan replaced Angelo Lomoi Joseph who was kicked off during the state Parliament reshuffle where the speaker Emmanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi reshuffled the chairpersons with respective their deputies except the Assembly Chief Whip Hon. Tobiolo Alberio Oromo from SPLM Party.

The Speaker clarified that Benjamin Lopeyok Kumuya will deputize Martin Lopir Lotubai from Kapoeta South County who has been chairperson of Security and Public Order Committee right from 2005 CPA period to 2010 elections has also been reappointed to the same position with his former Deputy Lomoi Angelo Joseph from Budi County being replaced by Hon. Ochan John Bongomin Nono in the July’s Assembly reshuffle.

Just like the Speaker, most MPs have wished Hon. Lopeyok his good luck and success in the new assignments.

Lopeyok cheerfully welcomes his appointment with new assignments as he pledges to deliver better services to the people.

He appeals for cooperation from members of the committee. 

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