300,000 People Could Be Affected By Floods

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The number of the victims is likely increase to 300,000 in the coming days since the torrential rains still continue.

Out of the ten states, seven have been affected by the floods according to an assessment carried out by a team of government officials, the Minister of Gender, Child, Social Welfare and Humanitarian Affairs Hon. Deng Awut Achuil said. 

“At the moment, we want to inform you that about 150,207 vulnerable people had been identified by the government and its humanitarian partners to be in dire need of immediate assistance,” Awut said.

“It is predicted that the numbers of people in need of assistance could double to 300,000 in the next few days as it is still raining in most parts of the country.”

According to Awut, it is the first time, several of the States like Warrap, Northern and Western Bar El Ghazal, Unity, Upper Nile, and Western Equatoria States are experiencing heavy floods. 

“The continuous downpour has continued to create fear as several areas have remained inaccessible due to impassable roads and when assessed may increase the number of victims,” said the Minister of Cabinet Affairs Hon. Elia Lomuro, who headed the Ministerial Floods Taskforce.

According to Lomuro, last Friday, the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by the President, Salva Kiir declared South Sudan a disaster stricken state.

The government has called for massive intervention in areas of basic needs; food, shelter, medicines and efforts to drain the flooded areas.

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