MP Denounces Political Crisis Amongst Intellectuals

NBGS Parliamentary Minister Ernest Mangok Mangok accuses some politicians of seeking the removal of the state governor [Gurtong]

Ernest Mangok Mangok, also the State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs said the intellectuals are causing chaos, confusion and division.

“These few individuals who claim to have full responsibility over Aweil Community Affairs are cheating themselves and the entire community.  That can be misleading them and the rest of the communities who do not know the backgrounds of these individuals,” Mangok lamented.

“They must refrain from holding illegal and baseless meetings in Juba otherwise they are welcome home to share their concerns with majority of the community at home.”

According to Mangok, there are meetings ongoing in Juba by the some Aweil community in Juba and abroad asking for the removal of governor and dissolution of NBGS cabinet.

“These people who claim to have been sent by the communities to ask the president for the removal of the governor are not really practical of what they are doing.  If they need to the remove governor, they can come to the state and convince the communities there,” he said.

“Another thing is that they claim to have the right choice but instead they should have thought of their past records when they were leaders in the national and state levels.”

According to the minister, there are ongoing petitions and a series of meetings being held in Juba by some Aweil intellectuals in Juba and abroad asking the president to sack the governor. 

The dismissal of six state legislators in June last year and the former speaker Aguer Wol Aguer, interference of governors in social and political affairs of the state as the final man in state are some of the reasons the group is largely using to cause the governor’s sacking.

The parliamentary minister however remained confident that individuals working for the downfall of the elected state governor will fail. He could not divulge on who the intellectuals are but former national and state government officials have been suspected.

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