Jonglei Governor Seeks Humanitarian Intervention

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Jonglei state governor, John Koang Nyuon has assessed the situation in Bor where he said that everything including the government premises has been destroyed by the rebel forces.

“The situation of the town, when we went to access the state especially situation of the state capital [Bor] there were a lot of damages and destruction made by rebel forces. They destroyed all the government offices including governor’s office,” the Caretaker Governor John Koang said.

Koang told journalist while in Jonglei coordination office that forces loyal to Riek Machar broke into the commercial banks, shops, and all residential areas.

“They broke banks, looted everything even in the shops including the residential houses; there is nothing in the town,” he said.

The National Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth, after his visit to Jonglei said that they have witnessed massive destruction of properties and buildings.

“We have seen the types of destruction that had been done to the properties and the building, it is unfortunate that the coup makers really mean to win the country then why destroy any captured property of the people of South Sudan,” Michael Makuei Lueth said.

Meanwhile, the state governor in his statement said that entire population run for safety in the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) camp and other crossed the river to Lakes state.

He said after the recapture of the town from rebel forces, these populations will be back to the town adding that they have not yet gone back to town because as there is nothing in the town to help them.

“Everything was looted including non-food items,” he said.

He urges all the humanitarian agencies to intervene and rescue the situation in Jonglei state so that food and non-food items are delivered to most affected community of Jonglei state.

“We are appealing to all humanitarian agencies so that they come for intervention to help and provide some humanitarian assistance such as food, non-food items and medicines because Bor public hospital was looted by the rebel group,” Nyuon said.

He said SPLA is now in control of the town and the rebel are now out of the area currently according to the information they received that rebels forces are now grouping at Gadiang and Uror county.

He said that forces who were in the town were auxiliary polices and some members of state police who were loyal to Dr Riek Machar. 

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