Warrap Governor Pays Tribute To Those Killed In Ariik, Konggor

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Paul Dhel, the state minister of Health and a caretaker minister of information said Warrap Government’s delegation led by Nyandeng Malek visited the scene of the last week’s clashes between rebels and youth in Alabek and Aliek Payams.

“On Thursday, Hon Governor of Warrap state accompanied by her cabinet and the county commissioner, Mr. Awuoc Kout with state security committee visited Alabek Payam (Lou Ariik) in Tonj North County,” said Dhel. 

 The visit came after Lou Ariik and Konggor areas were concurrently attacked by what the government officials believe to be forces loyal to the former deputy president Dr Riek Machar who waged rebellion against the government in Juba.

The last Friday attacked according to officials claimed lives of 46 people and over 100 others were wounded.

According to Minister Dhel, the attackers have a heavy casualties adding that “a huge number of light machine guns were captured from rebels during the war.”

On January 31st rebels attacked the Cattle Camps in grazing-land came under heavy attack in Toich (swampy areas) and took their cattle from Domogro, Keng and Wunkuach.

“The attackers were repulsed by youth leaving behind many death casualties and huge number of light machine guns. The governor praised the youth for their heroic sacrifice to defend the sovereignty and
integrity of the government,” he said.

Lou Ariik’s representative of Paramount Chief, Sultan Ariik Dhor thanked the state government for their concerns and the solidarity with people of the area.

The team returned to Kuacjok and the governor formed a ministerial committee to bring food and medical support to the wounded still in the area without medical attention.

Nyandeng also launched what the minister called a “massive mobilization” of the youth to join the SPLA to protect the nation.

The Mid-December internal power struggle within the ruling SPLM party degenerated into internal armed conflict pitting armed loyalists of President Kiir and his former deputy Machar against each other.
President Kiir called it a “coup attempt” but Machar denied it, saying it is a ploy to eliminate the president’s critics.

Dr. Machar and his followers however accuse president Kiir of dictatorship, saying they want a democratic South Sudan government for which they are fighting.

The conflict quickly spread to Bor, Bentiu, Malakal and the latest in Tonj North county of Warrap state. It has worsened the humanitarian challenges in the country as almost 900,000 people have been displaced and are in dire need of assistance.

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