Political Parties Warned Against Calling For Interim Government

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Since the “coup attempt” in Mid December 2013, there have been calls for various remedies to resolve the problem among them is forming an interim government.

Hon. Akol sounded the warning during a rally on Saturday at Freedom Hall in Juba which was also attended by the SPLM Party chairman Salva Kiir and his deputy James Wani Igga. 

He did not single out any particular political party but urged them to avoid speaking in the tune of the rebels. 

“You wait for election in 2015.  This government was elected in 2010 by the people of South Sudan. The youth, the women, the civil society, the churches and (almost) every citizen voted for this government,” he said.

In the 2010 presidential election, President Kiir (SPLM) got 92.99% of the total votes cast while his rival Lam Akol (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement- for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC)) managed to gather 197,217 (7.01%).

Based on this statistics, Akol said: “We believe in this government. We have elected this government. They youth of South Sudan love this government because it is their government. We trust this government and we must have collective effort to protect it and encourage good will for this government.”

In various social media in South Sudan last week, opposition party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement- for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC) suggested an interim government till 2015 election is reached.

“We say that this conflict has slipped out of the control of the SPLM and it requires the involvement of all the stakeholders. The people who are dying now are not all members or supporters of the SPLM,” said Hon. Adigo Onyoti, a member of SPLM-DC.

The leaders of other political parties have rejected calls for an interim government with the participation of former cabinet ministers regardless of whether they are members of the ruling party or not.

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