NBGS Best P8 School Cry For Help

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The school according to the Deputy Headteacher Valentino Makuei Deng only had five text books for each subject which hindered sharing of such books for homework by the pupils.

“We managed to score top position (but) there were lots of things which hindered our progress,” said Makuei.  “This Primary Eight (class) had five books for each subject which was a challenge as they were teachers’ guide.”

Apart from teachers’ low pays and the school being in an open air space, it lacks proper latrines, benches and blackboards and it floods during the rainy season as it situated in a low land area.

“A school must have a latrine for excretion but this school does not have any single latrine and yet it is within the main residential payam which makes it difficult for pupils to ease themselves since there is no nearby forest,” the deputy Headteacher laments.

“Another thing is that the school becomes flooded during the wet season. When it rains, we all come barefoot. Pupils’ control is very hard in this school since we do not have fence. There is also random movement into the school compounds causing interruptions during teaching hours.”

Despite the challenges, the school headmaster John Lueth is full of praises of his pupils and teachers whom he said have continued to work diligently for academic excellence. 

“We are paid low salaries, we don’t have enough teaching facilities, we are lacking latrines and other things but we still continue,” he said joyfully. 

The school appeals for support from government and development partners for a better performance in the years to come.

Mayomwel Primary School in Aweil East County shocked everybody by producing the best Primary Eight pupils in the state. The school was operational during the liberation war but only under trees until 2010 when a-nine concrete-classroom building was erected through the Community Development Fund (CDF) in 2009.

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