Jie Community Distances Self From Government – Yau Yau Deal

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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This community is supposed to be part of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) but some of its members said the deal is to bring peace to Murle Community in Pibor and should not be generalized as Jie community.

They said they would rather have their own independent County for Greater Najie community than join the GPAA.  The community however hailed David Yau Yau for choosing a peaceful means to resolve his differences with the Juba government.

“We the Jie Community wishes to congratulate the (SSDM/A) leadership for the position and decision you took by resorting to a peaceful means with the government to bring peace to the people of Murle who had suffered for the last four years. Congratulations Yau Yau!” reads the document.

The statement signed by 11 members of the Jie community’s leadership said they wish the Murle Community to live in peace and harmony within and with the neighbouring communities.

“We also congratulate you people for your soon to be established independent administration of GPAA. The Jie want to put it clear that we are not part of your new administration and never should they be,” a strongly worded rejection letter by the Jie community partly reads. 

“We wish to see the people of Jie and their brothers and sisters from Murle co-exist and restore peace among borders and bring-down still the practice of cattle raiding, highways killing and child and women abductions.”

Early on Anyuak Community have said they will not be part of GPAA that has pledged to unite Pochalla and Pibor counties under one administration led by a theologian, former rebel leader David Yau Yau; a member of Murle ethnic Community.

Yau Yau took arms in 2010 after failing to secure a seat in Jonglei State Legislative Assembly when he contested as an independent candidate during the Sudan April general elections. Yau Yau led the war which was largely backed by his own community members of Murle. He signed a peace deal in 2012 and was made an SPLA General but he later rebelled again only to return after signing GPAA Peace Deal.

Analysts say Greater Pibor is a geographical area greater than a county and smaller than the state.

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