Upper Nile University VC Proposes Centres For Exams

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The examinations were disrupted by the internal armed conflict late last year. Prof Isaac Cuir Riak says sitting the examinations will take place between June and July.

“We will surely make a number of centres where exams will be carried out. I proposed three; that should be Juba – our main centre and Wau. And because we have a greater number of our students who have fled to Sudan, we will have one centre in Khartoum so that they can access and complete the remaining papers,” he said.

“I visited Sudan in April and I have met some of our staff in Khartoum. They will help us to conduct the exams in that center. There will be no problem of manpower to help us (in) doing that.” The examinations are those for end of second semester of the last academic year that was halted by the eruption of conflict in the country that quickly spread to Malakal.

A committee from the university administration is in Malakal for a three day assessment of the state of the university structures and its other property.

Students are worried that if their old records of the previous years are not safe, they would have wasted their time studying there but the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof Ajuoi Magot Chol is hopeful some scripts will be found.

“We hope that our students will not re-sit what they had already done in December. The exam papers are messed up and scattered all over but our staff are there to salvage all that they will get. It would be unfortunate if we lost records but we pray it does not happen,” he stated.

Prof. Cuir said the destruction on the university has been severe and would need at least US$20million to revamp its infrastructure and replace the stolen equipment.

“Returning to Malakal main Campus will come after justice, reconciliation; peace and unity are restored in the country. When we have gun silence and no fear of shooting then, we will begin to renovate the university that would take us a minimum of one year,” he said.

Cuir has earlier on announced the relocation of the University to Juba when he conducted his first general meeting with students and teaching staff. The areas nominated to be new campuses are Multi-service Training Centre east of Juba Stadium and Kapuri Training Institute, which is approximately 16 miles away from Juba on Maridi road.

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