URGENT! Upper Nile University Delays Exams Til 31st July

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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“The office of the Academic Affairs, Upper Nile University wishes to notify all students that the examinations, which were supposed to start on the 28th July 2014, are delayed until the 31st July 2014 due to the Ramadan Holidays and Martyrs Day” said the Academic Registrar of the UNU Dr. Wani Anthony Sisto.

“Examinations on the 28th, 29th 30th July will be, according to the current timetables, on 08th, 09th and 11 August respectively” said Dr. Wani.

“Because of the conditions impose on us from Sudan by our students who have fled to Sudan, especially those who are Muslims, we thought that it is necessary as administration of the University to at least delay the examination for that period” he said. Dr. Wani also pointed out that because 30th July is Martyrs Day for the people of South Sudan the University also thought it wise to take that date into account.

“The three days which were scheduled for beginning of examinations being 28th, 29th and 30thof July 2014 will be delayed according to the current time table which will be taken up to the 08th09th and the 10th of July 2014” he said.

Dr. Anthony said that examinations will be sat in three centers, namely Juba, Wau and Bari Universities Khartoum. He said the university has a total of about 300 students both Sudanese and South Sudanese registered in Sudan while in South Sudan around 50 students have registered in Wau in Northern Bahr El Ghazal, with majority of 1500 students registered in Juba.

He appeals to the students to get ready urging them to abide by the new changes that have happened in the time table.

He said that the re-opening of UNU is not certain because there are still exams to be completed, including these examinations and the supplementary examination, before the new academic year, which he projects will be next year.

The Time Table which was released last week by UNU authorities, scheduled 28th July to be the beginning of the examinations in all centers, scheduled to end before 08th August 2014.

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